This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Kuykendall. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Absolom [I0467] 1814-08-25
Albert W [I0179] about 1860
Albert W [I0195] about 1860
Anna [I0468] 1838-04-01
Bertha [I0194] about 1896
Capt Abraham [I0469] 1719-10-18
Charles [I0470]  
Christinje [I0648] 1594
Cornelius [I0471] 1686-05-30
Dalton David [I0321] 1912-05-02
Jacob [I0472] 1836
Jacob [I0473] about 1800
James [I0474] 1799-10-31
Jason [I0475] 1849-01-24
Joseph [I0180]  
Julian A [I0348] about 1906
Lillian Ann [I0476] 1912-01-06
Loyd N [I0191] 1903-12-19
Lucinda ‘Cindy’ [I0477] 1846-01-20
Luur [I0649] 1590
Mary [I0478] 1843
Mary Olene [I0479] 1890-12-18
Matthew [I0480] 1758-02-09
Matthew [I0482] 1804-02-17
Matthew [I0481] 1798-12-26
Milburn [I0193]  
Milburn E [I0176] 1895-07-07
Mollie A [I0192] about 1902
Nova L [I0346] 1907
Obi Lee [I0177]  
Oscar E [I0347] about 1908
Peter ‘Doc’ [I0483] 1840
Sarah [I0484] 1828
Sarah Jacobszen [I0650] 1702-06-14
Seyte Jacobsen [I0651] 1706-10-27
Tempe May [I0129] 1898-08-12
Waylan [I0485]  
William [I0349]  
William [I0487] 1831-05-00
William [I0486] 1790-04-13
Willie D [I0488]  
Zelden [I0350] 1882-12-08