Roberts, Lucille

Birth Name Roberts, Lucille
Gramps ID I0211
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Roberts, John [I0332]
Mother Lewis, Effie Mae [I0132]
    Sister     Roberts, Amanda [I0213]
    Brother     Roberts, John A [I0212]
         Roberts, Lucille [I0211]
    Sister     Roberts, Betty [I0562]
    Sibling     Roberts, Johnie [I0584]
    Sister     Henderson, Viola M [I0303]
    Sister     Roberts, Bexly Jean [I0131]
    Brother     Henderson, Orville [I0003]
    Brother     Henderson, Reges Don [I0002]
    Brother     Roberts, Earl [I0135]
    Brother     Roberts, Ralph [I0134]
    Sister     Roberts, Manda Ellen [I0133]


    Family of Brown, David and Roberts, Lucille [F0109]
Unknown Partner Brown, David [I0394]
    Family of Sheppard, Ukn and Roberts, Lucille [F0200]
Unknown Partner Sheppard, Ukn [I0625]


  1. Roberts, John [I0332]
    1. Lewis, Effie Mae [I0132]
      1. Roberts, Amanda [I0213]
      2. Roberts, John A [I0212]
      3. Roberts, Lucille
        1. Brown, David [I0394]
        2. Sheppard, Ukn [I0625]
      4. Roberts, Betty [I0562]
      5. Roberts, Johnie [I0584]
      6. Henderson, Viola M [I0303]
      7. Roberts, Bexly Jean [I0131]
      8. Henderson, Orville [I0003]
      9. Henderson, Reges Don [I0002]
      10. Roberts, Earl [I0135]
      11. Roberts, Ralph [I0134]
      12. Roberts, Manda Ellen [I0133]