Fourth Birthday Party

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Here are pictures from the boys’ fourth birthday party.

Father’s Day Breakfast at Lake Hills Montessori

We had a cute little breakfast at LHM. They setup the classroom as a little cafe, with a hostess and waiters and cooks and even dishwashers. It was great fun.

Oklahoma School District Report Cards

We were looking at new places to live and the question of schools came up. I looked  around and found the State of Oklahoma A-F Report Cards. I then took the school district data from the OU Center for Spatial Analysis and created a map showing district grades by color. A couple of people have said they wanted to see this, so I’m posting these here. I have both Tulsa and OKC, and can run this for any area in Oklahoma – but the full state map is too crowded to see everything.

Take this with a grain of salt, however. The school district with the top two elementary schools in the whole state (#1 and #2) are in Jenks, which only receives a B+. Check out how the report cards are calculated before making any big life decisions – and verify the report card, I could have messed something up.

tulsa area school district report cards 2014OKC area school district report cards 2014

Marinn’s Graduation

Roberts Family Crest

roberts coat of arms - to pathAnd the Roberts family crest / arms. This is a rebuild from a document that my dad sent me. I believe it was from May Roberts, but I’m not sure on that. I had to clean it up some to interpret it, but here’s the description:

Arms: Sable, on two Chevrons argent, cotised. On the chevron three mullets  of six points, pierced of the field.Crest: On a mont vert, an eagle, displayed, azure, wreathed around the neck with ivy, vert.

Sable is a dark brown. Cotised (the scan I was sent says “eotised”, but that’s a typo) mean smaller versions surrounding a bigger one. Argent means silver or white. The original paper said “mutters” instead of “mullets”,  but either way these are stars signifying spurs as used on a horse. Pierced just means that there is a hole in the center.

The motto provided in the scan I have is “Post Furnera Vit; Virture”. Properly that is “Vivit Post Funera Virtus”, which means “Virtue lives on after the grave” or “Virtue outlives death”. So I’ve put all of this together into a vector drawing and here it is. Let me know what you think. As with the White family crest, I’ve added this to a bazillion different items on that you can buy. See the link on the right side of the page.

roberts coat of arms

Potty Seats

So I wanted to mention these potty seats I found for potty training. We have two of them, and I’ve been on the side of the road using both of them in the back of the truck before. They fold up and come with a little carrying bag, small enough to put into a diaper bag (that’s why we have two, one for each diaper bag). They are the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus, the company is based in New Orleans. I only bring that up because it’s just east of Lafayette, LA, where my in-laws live. Continue reading “Potty Seats”

Family Crest, Redo

So after looking at the family crest my mother hand transferred to a quilt she made me, I noticed that it was different. Instead of an over-abundance of feathers there is a lion and a unicorn. So without further ado, here is the lion / unicorn version, with and without the border.

I’ve setup a store over at if you want to buy this crest on anything from underwear to blankets and t-shirts. All proceeds go to college funds. 🙂

white crest border lion unicorn white crest lion unicorn