Thornton, Max Edsel

Birth Name Thornton, Max Edsel
Gramps ID I0260
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thornton, Glenn Braly [I0259]
Mother Brown, Agnes [I0075]
    Sister     Thornton, Sandra Kaye [I0895]
    Sister     Thornton, Glenda Sue [I0875]
         Thornton, Max Edsel [I0260]


    Family of Thornton, Max Edsel and Leatherman, Marilyn S [F0049]
Unknown Partner Leatherman, Marilyn S [I0248]
  1. Thornton, Stacy Lee [I0126]
    Family of Thornton, Max Edsel and Thornton, Laurie J [F0050]
Married Wife Thornton, Laurie J [I0263]


  1. Thornton, Glenn Braly [I0259]
    1. Brown, Agnes [I0075]
      1. Thornton, Sandra Kaye [I0895]
      2. Thornton, Glenda Sue [I0875]
      3. Thornton, Max Edsel
        1. Leatherman, Marilyn S [I0248]
          1. Thornton, Stacy Lee [I0126]
        2. Thornton, Laurie J [I0263]