Leatherman, Catherine

Birth Name Leatherman, Catherine
Gramps ID I0819
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1803 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, United States of America Birth of Leatherman, Catherine


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leatherman, Rev John [I0869]
Mother Miller, Catherine [I0867]
    Sister     Leatherman, Sarah Sally [I0857]
    Sister     Leatherman, Elizabeth [I0856]
    Brother     Leatherman, Joseph [I0868]
    Sister     Leatherman, Hannah [I0858]
    Sister     Leatherman, Nancy [I0855]
    Sister     Leatherman, Hannah [I0818]
    Brother     Leatherman, Daniel [I0799]
    Brother     Leatherman, Isaac [I0854]
         Leatherman, Catherine [I0819]


  1. Leatherman, Rev John [I0869]
    1. Miller, Catherine [I0867]
      1. Leatherman, Sarah Sally [I0857]
      2. Leatherman, Elizabeth [I0856]
      3. Leatherman, Joseph [I0868]
      4. Leatherman, Hannah [I0858]
      5. Leatherman, Nancy [I0855]
      6. Leatherman, Hannah [I0818]
      7. Leatherman, Daniel [I0799]
      8. Leatherman, Isaac [I0854]
      9. Leatherman, Catherine